Mixed Marital Arts

Like MMA, Mixed Marital Arts is about a mixed art: that of family life, as told by a young family who recently took residence in Japan



Your visit here at “Mixed MARITAL Arts” or MMAritalArts may have been a mistype, thinking you’d read about MMA or “Mixed MARTIAL Arts,” but I believe it’s no accident!

Like MMA, family life is also a mixed art, and probably one of the hardest disciplines that any person can ever master, or even just go into. I say this as a man who has been married for more than eight years, and a dad for more than four. I have also been immersed as homemaker since October 2015, when we became foreign residents of peculiar and complicated Japan. Since then, I’ve had my fair share of busted lips, broken noses, bumps, bruises and injuries – much like MMA, and some cooking, laundry and diaper disasters, to name a few, to add to the fray. Mixed Marital Arts, I guess, is my way of owning the whole wacky, weird, and wonderful experience.