“Guys, be careful of this computer. Once you open the cover, do not close it back again,” I reminded the kids, after Uri just did that to our laptop and the monitor turned to an unresponsive black.

Thankfully, the reminder was calm and the panic fading out, as the reboot had finally pushed through, with the glorious startup bleep and the return of the full array of colors of the desktop.

“It’s like when you wake up. You don’t just get up quickly, right? You still have to blink a couple of times to get used to the light, you still have to stretch your arms, you still have to take out some eye boogers…before you really wake up.”

“It’s the same with computers. They still have to do some stuff before they can work properly – before they wake up. And when you close it right back, it’s like you are forcing yourself to go right back to sleep while you are waking up. You would not want that, right?”

“That’s crazy,” Uri chuckled.

“Yeah, it’s like that. So, please be careful.”

“Oh, so you treat it like a kid!” I thought I needed to say more, when Iva shot a “Got it, Daddy”, which Uri seconded.

And off they darted. I guess that’s it.