Sakura ame ga futte iru!

Indeed, it was raining Sakura, although still at the onset during this time, and the trees were magical and seemed as if they were just shaking off their really early blooms. Hanami, literally flower viewing, but which is highlighted by the annual visit of the Sakura flowers, had just come earlier than usual in Japan.

From blossom to blow-off, the Sakura is a sight to behold.

And, indeed, this spring marked the time that our kids soak up the Japanese culture, language and accent included, because I know that Uri does not believe that I had understood what he had just said. Pretty much, it’s the locals similarly enjoying the pink-white landscape that he was talking to or his sister who, like him, was running like crazy trying to catch the falling cherry petals.

What a blessing it truly is that, alongside the Sakura, Japan is a culture that embraces oneness with nature, and spring break affords everyone the time to enjoy these blooms that never cease to amaze.

It’s normal play day for this little monkey. Scenic play day, that is.

It affords us the time to enjoy each other as well.

A culture that embraces oneness with nature, Japan is truly a blessing.

A friend told us, “ Enjoy your kids while they are still young” – and we are – “because they grow up fast” – and, yes, they do.

“Enjoy your kids while they are still young because they grow up so fast.”

But I hope and pray that our kids will grow up with warm and loving memories of these majestic white and pink-topped trees, with us happily taking pleasure under the soft and subtle shade.

My prayer: magical sakura memories with the family.